Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I've returned!

Wow, so I started this blog, posted one more entry, and promptly neglected to do anything else with it.

Well, I'm back, and once again, on a clutter kick. I've subscribed, and unsubscribed from FlyLady's emails. I love her, and what she has to say, but the emails (although greatly reduced from what she used to send) were still overwhelming to me.

I've also been watching Hoarders. It just makes me shudder. And reminds me of what I don't want my house to become. So, after considering my beautiful Android phone (which I adore), and its possibilities, I've downloaded a few new apps, and devoted one of my phone's screens to routine lists (thanks to FlyLady) and a timer. So far today, I'm doing pretty good.

The biggest thing I need to remember is that FlyLady says I can do anything FOR 15 minutes, not that I can do anything IN 15 minutes. Big difference. Tonight, in 15 minutes, I cleared off 2 of my three kitchen counters. Dishes mostly. It's just laziness that I didn't put them in the dishwasher, or wash the pans yesterday.

So what apps am I using? ColorNotes is the note app that I'm using to create my lists. You can create checklists, and when each item is crossed off, the title of the list is also checked off. You can later uncheck everything. And you can use the app's widgets to place each checklist on a screen of your phone. So far I have the list of zones for the month, a morning routine, an after work routine, and a before bedtime routine. Despite my disorganization, I really, really do love crossing things off of my lists. So, now I have to take care of the last three items for the night: shining my sink, brushing my teeth/washing my face, and going to bed.

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